Last September, Marie Sixtine has plunged into a world of warmth and softness with its Precious Cocoon theme. Here we express our love of wide open mountain landscapes for space and reflection, and of cosy interiors for relaxation.


Their designers are reinventing traditions and reinvigorating basics with ever an eye on detail by trimming designs with tassels. This fresh new feel is bold in its uniqueness, creating contemporary, urban looks. Cocoon cosiness is yours for the enveloping, inviting you to wrap yourself up in the soft Ariet jumper and traditional Aya cotton jogging bottoms for your upcoming autumn parties.

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Dotted patterns lend these cuts and fabrics fun fancy feel. Our inspiration came from Denmark, where the desire for warmth and comfort breathes through all style. Ever fans of the versatility of fashion, our oversized jumpers step out happily with our feminine viscose crêpe blouses. Marie Sixtine knows better than anyone how to blend elegance with comfort to kit you out for the upcoming chilly days.

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